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"You could have come in and sat on the toilet and been comfortable. Plus, I could have watched you stroking your cock." She said as she grabbed the soap and started washing him. "I was stroking, I had to stop when he started cumming or else I would have cum myself, and I wanted to save it." I said as I reached in and fondled his little butt. "It seems he just can't cum enough, and I can't seem to keep this out of my mouth." She said wiggling his soft little pecker. "I had to stop stroking too, did you see me run my finger in his hole?" she asked. "Yeah, I showed up just before that." I said. I stood there talking and watching them until they rinsed off and got out of the bathtub. She grabbed a towel and started drying Billy, leaning over with her tits hanging down and swinging. When she was done with him, she slapped his butt and told him to get out and started drying herself. 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