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Lindsey got up grabbed his towel and met him to dry him off. They both walked over to me, Billy with his towel wrapped around his shoulders. %trump1%quot;What%trump1%lsquo;re we gonna eat, daddy?%trump1%quot; He asked excitedly? brother and sister full sex movie
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"Around 11 should be fine, I should only be gone a few hours" I told her. "Ok, I'll be there" she said, "Uhhh....Frank, you aren't going to fuck him are you, being bruised like he is, that would be pretty mean, and you know it would hurt him." "NO!" I said emphatically, "I wouldn't fuck him. At least not until he's healed. I did make him cum in the bathtub, but I just rubbed his little cock, he enjoyed that and it made him feel better. I think he enjoyed cumming without having to put out." "Well, you're probably right. Ok Frank I will see you in the morning" "Thank you, Lindsey, you are a sweetheart, bye." I said hanging up the phone. I was more tired than horny so I turned off the TV and decided to go to bed. I went around turning lights off and making sure doors were locked. I went into the bedroom and saw Billy was still in the position I left him in. I crawled in my side of the bed, I reached over and gently pulled him over to me. 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He looked up at me in surprise, I saw his face cloud up, I think he was thinking I was going to throw him out. "I will only be gone a little while. I have a nice lady coming to stay with you today, her name is Lindsey and she is a friend of mine." His face cleared up when I told him the plan and went back to his omelet. "Is she as nice as you are?" he asked. "Yup, she is real nice and I think you two will have fun while I'm gone." I said. "Is she uhh....your girlfriend?" he said grinning "No. She is a girl and she is a friend, but she is not my girlfriend. She said that she would come over today so that you wouldn't be left alone all day in a strange house." I told him. "Hey, how would you like to go swimming today?" His face lit up "YEAH!!!" he said excitedly, but then he got serious and said "But I don't have a suit so swim." "Sure you do, you are wearing it, that's your birthday suit, its perfect for swimming." I told him smiling. He looked at me confused and said "birthday suit?" 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