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"Yeah, you are a little outnumbered." Nicky said with a small laugh as her boobs jiggled lightly. He felt his fingers brush along the outside of her boobs.
"If you want to cop a feel go ahead babe." She teased as she leaned forward and took a drink of the Orange juice he had poured her.
"Sorry." Alex said.
"It's okay, most action I had in a little while, plus I wasn't kidding about them being sore earlier, they hurt like hell, so I don't mind if you rub them a little." She shrugged.
"You sure?" He asked eager but cautious.
"Yes sugar. It's okay. Wouldn't be the first time you coped a feel." His sis grinned up at him.
Alex slid his hands under the sides of her shirt and wrapped his hands around her breast softly caressing her large swollen melons, moving his thumbs in circles while his hands held her soft tits while squeezing softly.
"You have no clue how good that feels. If you weren't my brother..." Nicky moaned as she leaned forward putting the glass down softly and then leaned back up against him.
"So are me and you going to be sharing a room?" Alex asked.
"No mom said you can crash with sis." His sister said as she sighed softly laying back against him with her eyes closed. It had made sense since after dad died; Abbey had slept in his bed for several weeks. She had nightmares about the car crash and needed comfort and reassurance.
"Really I figured I just crash down stairs." Alex shrugged.
"Probably for the best." Nicky teased. "Her bed is bigger and I take a lot more of my bed now." She said touching her belly. "Plus I don't know if I can promise to keep my hands to myself." She smiled up at him, reminding him of the last time they shared a bed together before she had left home almost two years ago.
"Don't worry I put your old stuff in your closet, and I didn't move your porn though I might have taken a little peek." Sis grinned. "I noticed you got a little collection going on." She teased.
"Hey you started it." Alex joked.
"Your pretty good at this, I image you had plenty of practice with those college girls."
"Not really. It's a little hard with school and work to find time. Yours are the only boobs I've played with, in months." Alex let his hand run around her boobs, her nipples trickling through his nipples now cupping them. He began to massage them a little harder now he was feeling a little more comfortable.
"Mmm. Don't feel too bad, you're the only one that has touched my boobs in months, I couldn't get a date to save my life right now. I feel like a beached whale half the time, my big belly, swollen tits, fat ass. I am lucky if a guy even looks at me." Nicky pouted.
"I think you look beautiful pregnant." Alex leaned in and kissed her cheek looking over her shoulder.
"You are such a suck up." Nicky grinned as she rubbed her cheek against his.
"No I mean it, if you weren't my sister I would be totally be hitting on you right now." Alex teased.
"Well don't let that stop you." She glanced down at her breast. "You're already at second base."
"You were beautiful before but now, you have a bit of a glow about you and what guy doesn't like bigger breasts." Alex said as he began to mash her tits together rubbing them in circles.
"I wish my ex felt that way, he hardly even touched me when I started showing." Nicky pouted.
"He was a damn fool. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you. Case in point." He playfully pinched her nipples and began to shake her breasts playfully up and down.
"Alex." Nicky laughed elbowing him. "It's good to have you home." She reached back and grabbed his neck pulling him closer and kissing him lightly.
"It's good to be home." Alex smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair. About that time his stomach growled.
"Way to kill the mood bubba." Nicky laughed.
"Sorry haven't had any real food yet today." He chuckled rubbing his belly.
"Why don't I go start breakfast?" Nicky teased. "Here help me up."
"You sure, I can do it." Alex walked around and took her hands and pulled her up.
"I am pregnant not handicapped. Why don't you go wake Abbey up and put your stuff in your shared room?" She smiled.
"Okay." He nodded; she gave him a wink and headed for the kitchen then she looked back over her shoulder to see if he was looking at her ass as she walked away.
He went to grab his bags, but stopped as he heard a noise coming from upstairs. He looked up to see his sister Abigail bounding down the stairs.
Summer 1998

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Brad pushed his cock as deep up her ass as her cheeks would let and the cum rocketed out of the head of his cock like it was coming home after being gone for so long. His prick knew that it had found paradise. He could feel his mother's rectum spasming around his throbbing pillar and this drove him on. He let loose with yet another torrent on jism which completely filled up her anal cavity and began to run back around his dick and down the crack of his ass. Finally he laid down and started to return to earth. His cock had give it's final spasm and was now starting to shrink to it's normal size. Barry wanted to never take his cock out of that pleasurable pussy. With feelings like that coming over his cock he didn't ever want it to stop. But his last wad had sapped him and now his prick too had shrunk and he felt it plop out of the warmth to lie softly on his thigh. He rolled over on the side of the bed and collapsed. Bonnie had never felt so good in her life. Those two plunging cocks had sent her to mars and back. When Barry's dick slid out of her pussy she was a little disappointed, but she knew that there would be other times. She slid down off of Brad's dick and lay between his legs. She looked at his now shrunken dick. It was all covered with his and her juices. It looked so cute laying there against his thigh. She gently reached out and ran her fingers over it. Then she snaked out her tongue and licked it. It tasted good. She had tasted her own come before and she liked the way this tasted mixed with hers. She put the soft cock in her mouth and cleaned it all off with her tongue. But it was still lifeless. She reached over to Barry and saw his prick was the same so she quickly slipped his into her mouth and gave it a thorough tongue lashing also. It tasted like sweet nectar. But no matter how much she tried it would not rise to the occasion. She knew that both boys would sleep good tonight. She quietly slipped out of her bed, picked up her night shirt and walked down the hall to the boys room where upon she climbed into one of the beds and dropped quickly off to sleep. PART THREE It was a warm summer afternoon. The sun was gradually making it's way to it's setting and there was a slight breeze. There was a low moaning sound coming from a group of bushes in the woods about a mile behind Brad and Barry's house. When Barry first heard these intimate sounds he wanted to walk right in there and see who was at the center of those seductive sounds. But he had learned that it might be better for him if he quietly snuck up and peeked on whoever it was that seemed to be enjoying themselves so much. When he slowly parted the bushes his eyes almost came out of his head. There was his brother Brad on his knees pumping is cock into Darla Jennings. Sweet Darla. Why she must have been the fantasy girl of half the juniors at Helmstead High. The way she was rolling her head around and the noise she was making he could tell that his brother must have really been going at for some time. Brad was ramming his prick into so hard and so fast that his hips were almost a blur. Barry quietly watched them for about five minutes when suddenly Brad pulled back on her hips and shot load after load of his hot juices into waiting cavern. When he had gained his senses he leaned back and let his limp dick slip out and he just seemed to gaze into nowhere. That was when he noticed Barry. Putting his finger to his lips Barry motioned for him to come over where he was standing, but to leave Darla there. "I've got to go take a leak Darla, you stat put and I'll be right back. We can start back in a minute". "Don't you go off and leave me here for long Brad, you're not finished with me that fast. There's still a few more positions we haven't got yet". "I'll be back before you can blink an eye". When he got around the bushes he motioned for Barry to follow him out of earshot of Darla. "What are you doing sneaking up on me Barry. If Darla knew you were watching she'd have my hide and I'd never get in her pants again". "I didn't know it was it you when I first came out here. I was walking over to Tommy's house and I heard these moans so I figured I'd check it out. You're not the only guy to bring a girl out here". "So what are you hanging around for then. You can see I've got the hottest babe in town on her knees begging to fuck me and I'm going back there now and you're going to get lost". "Wait a minute. I thought we were brothers". "Yea, so what"? "Well, I was thinking. We could kind of share her. If we did it right, by the time she realized what was happening she would be too far gone to stop and then we could both slip her a little sausage". "What have you got in mind"? "Well you go back in there and start working her over. You know get her real hot. Then tell her that you want her to suck your dick for a while before you play hide the sausage again. Then when she's all wrapped with your cock in her mouth I'll sneak up behind her and slip her the salami from behind. We'll have her so horny by that time that she'll be begging us to screw the pants off her". "Well OK, I'll give it a try. But you got make sure she don't notice you sneaking up on her. If she hears you, she might scream and she could bite my peter off".Both boys laughed at that, but Brad quickly ran back to his sweet little honey, Darla. "What took you so long? Can't you see that this sweet little pussy is just dying to be filled again. I just love the way you make me feel so full inside. Why don't you come over here and give me that big hunk again"? "I think I'll have me a little dessert first. You lay back and I'll show you something that'll make your head spin". When Darla laid down on her back brad looked her over real slow. He couldn't believe he was actually here with the prettiest thing in town. Not only did she have one of the sweetest looking asses he had ever seen, she had the best titties too. Even when she laid on her back they just sort of reached out to him as if to say, "come and fell me", or "suck me good". She was so beautiful. Brad started at her lips. He gently kissed those luscious lips until she gave a little gasp. Then he move around to her neck and slowly ran his tongue along her neck to her earlobe, where he probed with his tongue. Seeing this did not have the desired affect he quickly licked his way down to those luscious orbs. He gave each one a little nip and then started a real slow hard sucking. he moved back and forth between tits like he was undecided on which one was better. Actually he loved her tits the same, but knowing that he was actually sucking and biting on Darla's made it so much more enjoyable. When he was sure he had enough of her breast he let his tongue run a line down her stomach. He quickly stopped and ran his tongue around her navel and then slowly descended to that most treasured target. Darla usually wore one of those new thong bikinis. She didn't want any tell tale pubes showing out the skimpy bottom so she kept her bush trimmed down to a cute little stripe that barely left any hair on her pussy at all. Brad had never seen one shaved like that, but that made it all the more pleasing. When his tongue reached the beginning of that sparse patch he ran it along it's sides and then around to her thigh. Here he licked small circles ending each one right where her legs joined her groin. He could tell by the little mewing sounds she made that it was having the desired effect. This encouraged him on farther. Next he ran his tongue back up to the top of her mound. He gently put both hands on either side of her love nest and spread her lips with his hands and did a quick inspection of the treasure that lay hidden beneath that golden fleece. Her clit wasn't as big as big as his mother's, but it looked so inviting that he trembled with the thought of capturing it with his teeth and lips. Slowly he worked his tongue down over the ridge of her mound until it found that little piece of sweet knob. When he reached it he let his tongue run circles all over it until he could feel her body tense. Then he captured it in his mouth and sucked real soft. This brought her ass off the ground. She started moaning like a bitch in heat and she was pushing his face hard against her cunt trying to force more of it in his mouth. Brad knew that she would be loosing her cookies at any moment. Quickly he moved his mouth down to her sweet hole and plunged his tongue in as far as it would go. That was all it took. She skyrocketed. She was moaning so loud and thrashing her head around so much that he thought for sure the whole world would hear. He kept it up for a little bit longer and then he moved his face back and blew little hot breaths on her pussy. She thrashed a little longer and then started to quiet down. When he sat back up she leaned up to him and quickly gave him the biggest kiss he'd ever had and even snaked her tongue in to taste her juices. "That was incredible. I've never had anybody do that to me before. You made me feel like my whole body was on fire. I can't believe how good it felt. Can girls make guys feel that good too"? "I bet if you tried and I told a few things along the way, you could have me blasting off in no time". She quickly put her hand on his chest to make lay down, but he stopped her and said, "it works much better for men if we kind of stay on our knees. Men like to be able to feel that they have a little control. Even if they really don't".So when he sat back on his haunches with his dick sticking straight out like a flag pole, Darla quickly got on her knees in front of him. He knew she like the taste of her own juices from the way she had frenched him a few minutes ago, so he knew that the scum left on his cock from their last fuck wouldn't stop her now. "Okay, first thing is for you to lean over and pretend your licking a nice sweet lollipop. Run your tongue all up and down the shaft a few time to get the feel of how a cock feels". "Then lick back up to the top and put your lips over the head. Be sure to cover your teeth with your lips, cause it doesn't fell good having teeth rubbed on a hard dick. Then when you feel like you got that part, slowly slide your lips down the shaft until you feel it against the back of your throat. Once you get that far I think the rest you'll be able to figure out". She slowly lifted his meat to her lips and carefully pursing them she slid her lips over the head. At first touch she knew this was going to be fun. Once she had the head just inside her mouth she tried running her tongue over it to see how it tasted. She immediately tasted her own juices and knew she was going to like it even more. Next she slowly slid her lips down his length. "Take your time Darla. If you want to get me off the way I did you, you need to take it slow and not try to rush things. Slide your lips all the way down and then stay down for a few seconds so you can get used to having something this big in there. Then try to go down a little farther. You might feel like choking when my cock first hits the back of your throat, but that's normal. Just stop right there until the feeling passes and then slide down a bit farther. Keep doing that until you've got all of me in your mouth and throat. You'll be surprised at how easy it is.Darla quivered with the thought of all that hot flesh in her mouth and all the sweet hot cum stored in those balls that would her filling her mouth to run slowly down her throat. When she first felt that if fat dick press against her throat she thought she'd never be able to accommodate it in there. But she listened to Brad's instructions and stopped moving. She noticed that after a few seconds the pressure eased a bit and she felt sure she could continue. An inch at a time she forced that hot cock down her throat. The felling was incredible.She could feel it throbbing in her throat, just begging for release. But she wasn't done yet. She wanted to make Brad climb that ladder of orgasm to the very last minute. She opened her eyes and saw that she had only about an inch to go and her heart pounded with the thrill of knowing she could engulf the wonderful cock. She gently pushed her lips down that last inch and was rewarded when she felt his pubic hair brush her nose.It felt so different having something of this size in her throat. Almost like having a cock split her pussy apart for the first time. From that time on she knew that sucking dick would be her favorite next to slid her pussy over one. Brad was hard put not lose unload down those beautiful lips from the first moment she took him in, but he knew that Barry was waiting to get his greedy cock into that steaming pussy, so he started to think of things that would cool his nuts off for the time being. Barry was beside him self now. It was hard enough watching his brother run his tongue all over this sweet piece of meat, but to see him with his cock stuffed all the way down her throat was about as much as he could take. Slowly he slid his pants down and kicked them off. Next he tore off his tee-shirt and piled it with his pants. He waited a few seconds more to be sure that Darla was totally engrossed in her first blow-job and then quietly slid through the bushes. She still didn't notice him when he dropped to his knees so he grabbed his throbbing member and stroked it a few times, all the while watching her head bob up and down on Brad's rod. He held his staff out and aimed for the mouth of her now sopping pussy and sunk it in to the hilt with one easy plunge. Darla was caught totally unawares by this invasion of she knew not what. She immediately started to ask what the hell was going on, but with her mouth full of cock all she could do was mumble. Brad, seeing that she might want to back off his pillar of hot flesh, put his hands on her head and held her steady. Meanwhile Barry had wrapped his hand around her hips so when she tried to pull away he was ready for her. He slammed his hip against her ass with a force so hard that it made a little slapping sound and he was buried up to the nuts. Then he started a slow easy in and out that he knew would take it toll on her already steamy tunnel. After he plundered her a few times she slowly started to respond. He smiled as he looked towards his brother and nodded his head to show that she was responding. With that Brad slowly started his slow pumping into her mouth that bring him his much needed release. At first touch of this new flesh penetrating her heated hole, Darla was scared that she was being used in a way that she didn't care for. But when that hot staff kept gliding into her waiting hole her body overcame it's fear and started to respond. That monstrous cock in her mouth was staring to throb and the one in her snatch was bringing her closer to a mind shattering orgasm. She soon realized that she was too far gone to turn back so she went at those two cocks with shear abandon. Barry started to fell his ball tighten and he knew that he wouldn't be far off now. He started to thrust harder and harder to bring him to that spine splitting release that was almost there. Brad was right ahead of him and already his cock was gathering for the wad that would seem to tear his mind from his body. When Brad's cock gave it's first blast into Darla's anxious mouth, her mind began to reel. The prick in her pussy was setting it aflame. She knew that she was going to have the deepest, hardest come of her young life. Barry made one last plunge into that sweet moist cavern and then he let loose with a flood of cum. It spurted from his cockhead so hard that it bounced off her cervix and started to run out of her pussy making it all the more slick.When that first wad hit bottom Darla's body was lost in a pleasure dome. Every nerve in her body was on fire. Her pussy was throbbing and the dock in her mouth was filling her up faster than she could swallow. She felt out of control. When she felt Brad's cock give a final weak spurt she slowly backed off that throbbing hunk and pushed her ass down hard on Barry's staff to feel it throb all along her hot tunnel.Barry's rod gave one final spasm and then started to recede. He had shot so much liquid fire that it was running back out of her pussy and onto his thighs. After his last spasm he pulled out and fell over on his side to catch his breath. Brad slowly rolled Darla over onto her back to let her see that it was his brother that he had been sharing her charms with. When she saw how the two boys looked so much alike, she stopped thinking about why she should be mad, and started to laugh. "Why didn't you tell me that you had a twin brother"?"Well I guess it never came up. We've only been seeing each other a little while and I just figured everyone at school knew about us".