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Bobby was now kneeling beside her. He kissed his sister again lightly, while offering her words of encouragement. "That's it, baby, you're doing good. Take a deep breath and relax. You can do it, Candie, you can do it. Push down harder now. Come on. Push."
Bobby could see that Candie was scared, but she pushed down in spite of her fear. Lionel's cock went into her about an inch that time.
"Oh God Bobby! He's so big. I don't think I can take any more. Oh God!"
Bobby looked down between her legs. Candie's cunt looked so small compared to the huge size of Lionel's cock. But her young cunt lips encircled his cock so beautifully.
He kissed his sister again . She was holding on to him not only for balance, but also for support and encouragement. Lionel was also holding her by her hips.
"You can do it Candie. You can do it." Bobby remarked encouragingly. "It'll fit. Just relax a minute."
Bobby kissed his sister and slid his tongue into her mouth. He could feel her relaxing.
"Push down more now, honey. FUCK HIM NOW!"
Bobby yelled the last three words as he helped push Candie further down on Lionel's cock. He immediately covered her mouth with his and stifled the cry of pain as Lionel's huge cock spread her cunt lips farther apart than they had ever been before in her young life. Lionel was now about three-quarters buried in his sexy ten-year-old cousin's cunt.
Bobby removed his mouth from hers. She was breathing hard, taking in short deep breaths and forcing the air out quickly. Tears were in her eyes. Bobby wiped them and kissed her again.
"Ohhhh, God, Bobby. It really hurts. It never hurt like this with you. Is something wrong?" Tears formed in her eyes again.
"No, Baby. Nothing is wrong," Bobby reassured her. "It won't hurt for long. I promise you. You're doing really good. Look. See how far you have it in? There is only a little bit more to go. Think you can manage it?"
Candie looked between her legs and saw that Lionel's cock was almost all the way in her. A shy little smile came on her face as she looked. I think she was very proud of what she had accomplished so far.
"Okay, now honey? Let's try it once more. I'm right here with you. Everything is going to be okay. Just relax. That's the way." Bobby kissed her again. He could feel her relax.
"Just one more good push and it will be all the way in. Are you ready? Do you want me to help you push?"
"I'm ready Bobby, but don't push me. I want to do it all by myself."
Candie was determined to do it herself. Bobby and Lionel could see the determination on her face. She knew it was going to hurt again but she was going to do it. She gripped her teeth and closed her lips tightly together. Her eyes were closed. She took a deep breath and dropped down hard on Lionel's shaft. The pain must have been unbearable because Bobby said she let out such a loud cry of pain and started to cry like he had never seen her cry before. He held her close and smothered her with kisses to try to make her feel better.
"Oh God, Bobby," she said after a while. "Did that ever hurt."
She looked down between her legs now and saw that Lionel was now completely buried inside her. Her young preteen cunt was stretched beyond anything that anyone could imagine. Now, instead of crying, Candie was smiling and giggling. She bent down now and started to kiss Lionel.
"Oh, Lionel, you feel so good inside me. I'm sorry I was such a baby and cried so much. But it really did hurt. It doesn't hurt now. It feels so nice. Fuck does it ever feel nice."
She started to ride up and down on Lionel's cock now. She didn't take long strokes. It still hurt a bit. His cock was exerting so much pressure on her clit that it wasn't long before that special feeling she loved so much started to build up deep inside her.
"Ohhhhhhh Godddd Lionel, you feel so good," Candie yelled as she bucked up and down on his cock. Her sexual appetite was getting stronger by the second. The pain didn't seem to matter any more.
"Ohhhhhhh yessss Ohhhhhhh Goddddddddd Yeeeessssss!
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Candie's vagina exploded into the wildest and strongest and most sensuous orgasm she ever had and would ever have for many years to come. It seemed to last for ages, but probably only lasted for seconds.
When it was over she laid across Lionel's chest and kissed him. He hadn't cum yet and was still rock hard in her. Candie could feel him starting to fuck her now so she decided to roll over and lay on her back so that he was on top. She managed to do this without dislodging his cock from her warm wet nest.
Lionel's cock was twitching hard now. Candie could feel it. She knew that he would explode in her again, but this time he was all the way inside her vagina. He wasn't concerned about hurting her. He was taking long hard strokes and slamming deeper and deeper into her young cunt. The pain was still there, but not as severe as before. She ignored it and concentrated on him fucking her. That feeling was there again. Oh, God. Was she going to cum again? Yes she was.
That's was all Lionel could take. With one final thrust deep into her, Lionel let out a long loud "YESSSSSSSSSS" as he exploded his life giving baby seed deep inside her. She could feel every explosion hitting the back wall of her cunt as he deposited what seemed like gallons and gallons of cum into his sexy cousin.
They both collapsed totally exhausted. They lay there for quite a few minutes. Candie could feel his cock start to shrink. It felt nice. Lionel rolled off her and lay down beside her.

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I picked him up and he put his arms around my neck and laid his head on my shoulder. I decided to let him sleep in his own bed tonight so he might get used to it. I pulled back the covers and put him into his bed, he was already asleep again as I laid his head on the pillow. I covered him up and kissed him goodnight on his cheek, I turned off his light, since I didn%trump1%lsquo;t know whether he needed a nightlight or not, I partially closed his door and left the hall light on. I went around the house locking doors and turning off lights. I sat down on the couch and turned the TV on and watched the tail end of a movie for about an hour and decided to go to bed. I looked in on my boy on my way to bed, he had rolled over from where I had laid him and was now facing the other way in the middle of the bed, his arm on top of the covers. I pulled the door halfway and went to my room. I went to my bathroom, pissed and crawled into bed, turning off the bedside lamp, and went to sleep. porno rapes video young and busty sex xxx

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I wiped my cock off on another towel. "Go out and get your lifebelt and bring it here so I can put it on you. He walked out the door and grabbed it from where he dropped it on the pool deck and brought it to me. I fastened it around his belly, "You can go get, not jump, in the pool now, grab your swimboard, I will bring the other toys out to put them together." He ran for the door, "NO RUNNING" I yelled after him. Lindsey came out of the bathroom with a fresh towel, her large tits bouncing and swinging. I watched her walk into the room, her pussy lips were still puffed up, I could see her clit still peeking out the top of her lips. 'For 30 years old, she sure is beautiful' I thought to myself. She saw me watching her. "What?" she said smiling. "Oh, nothing," I said, "I was just noticing how beautiful you look, especially freshly fucked." She giggled and said, "Why thank you, but this is what did it." She said bending down to give me a quick kiss and fondle my soft cock. She walked to the door, "You coming?" she asked. "No, I just did" I said laughing. "You sure did" she said as she ran a finger through her slit. "I'm gonna get the new pool toys and bring them out. We can take turns blowing up his floatie chair." I said as I stood up. She went out, threw her towel over a chair and jumped in the deep end, her tits bobbing in the water. Billy swam up to her using his board, she kissed him on the nose. I went in the other room and got the pool toys and carried them outside. There was a floating ring toss game, a floating little basketball and net and a couple rubber torpedoes to dive for. I put them together and threw them into the pool, pulling the floating chair out to make room. I jumped in and we played and splashed. Since he had his belt on, he was safe so he was dog paddling all over the pool. We put the ring toss in the deep end and threw the rings from the shallow end. We played that for a while, the Lindsey and I took turns picking him up and throwing him into the deep end. He was able to go under with his eyes open, but it was hard for him to stay under with his life belt on. I took the belt off him and told him to sit on the bottom of the pool in the shallow end. I wanted to see if he could hold his breath and stay under without panicking. He did really good, I knew it would be no problem teaching him to swim. We played grab ass with each other, grabbing some part of someone and then swimming off. It seemed that Lindsey and Billy enjoyed grabbing my cock, of course we would grab her tits, sometimes I would reach down and cup her pussy. She would touch and stroke Billy all over, at one point she went under water and sucked his cock and balls into her mouth and sucked him until she had to come up for air. I noticed that quite often she would run her fingers through his ass cheeks, teasing his little hole. 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